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As everyone must be aware by now, my little webby is now a PR0 (Page Rank = 0 for the uninitiated). Looks like Google does not like anyone making paid posts. So, how is the blogging hobbyist to make a few bucks online? Only with Adsense? I wonder if this is how you become a monopoly…

With all these nice feelings going around, I even took a look at an online casino. It has been a frustrating few weeks running around looking for a reason why the great and mighty Google might want to tear up our nice little village. But I personally do not condone gambling. But aren’t we all gambling anyway?

We are betting that Google is going to be good for us all. That their constantly changing search engine policies will help everyone find better things more efficiently. If Page Rank is a really good gauge, then a Page Rank of 6,7, or 8 must mean that the site is pretty good. So, why is it that suddenly, just because Google decided that paid posts = lousy site, they now have a Page Rank of zero? Because of a change of policy, did it really make those sites bad? If a top site about investment or finance also wrote paid posts, does it necessarily mean that everything on the blog is crap?

At least the casino sites have more integrity. They do not pretend to be anything more than what they are. A place you go to indulge your gambling habit. Is Google as up front about this? It is not enough to dominate the search engine market, but they have to now flex their muscles and dictate how the internet ought to be? What happens next? All shopping sites will not appear on search results anymore because Google wants to launch their own shopping network? What kind of search engine would Google then become?

Oh, yes, then of course that casino site that I pointed to has a page rank of zero. Compliments of Google, no less. So, that means that that gambling review site that has reviews of hundreds of online casino sites has no value to you as an internet browser. Go figure.

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  1. The whole thing seems a little strange. They have essentially made their own ranking irrelevant. If everyone ignores it, will they be forced to readjust? Maybe with some user feedback?

    Of course, there is all that traffic from google searches. My old blog remained unaffected at its pr5 and after the update I noticed fairly significant increase in traffic from google searches. I guess because so many lost in rank.

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