Another Thought on Google’s Actions

Dana commented that Google seemed to be making their own ranking irrelevant as they force more and more people to ignore it. Well, that’s an interesting thought.

You see, when Google makes your blog have a zero page rank, what they are saying is, your content is totally irrelevant to any search that a person might make. Hence, no value. So, my question would be, does it mean that advertisers whose ads appear in a PR-0 website or blog gets it for FREE? Hey, how can you charge me for advertising on a page that you claim to be worth ZERO?

Now, it appears as if Google is trying to work for the best of their users. That is fine. But how did blogs and sites get zeroed? Seems like there is actually a human who makes that final call. Google has always been “impartial” and operating based off sophisticated algorithms… now you need a human to read a blog that contains so much good information that it “used to have” a page rank of X and make it zero? Nice policy. Seems like dmoz all over again. Maybe someone, somewhere, will find one of these humans, pay them a few bucks to “zero” one of their competitor’s web site. After all, it’s just business; right?

So, a site that has paid content has a page rank of zero. If that is the case, then why are sites like GameSpy, Amazon and many other purely commercial sites ranked so high? Their content are all commercial. How much hypocrisy is there in this world? We have “paid” content here and there and get zeroed. They have loads of paid content and get a high page rank. We small time bloggers making a few measly dollars to cover our hosting fees get zeroed. These big boys who are PAID millions get high page rank. Why? I guess because they also SPEND big bucks with Google?

Well, life is not fair. We all learned that. But once in a while, we get our hopes up that there are a few nice things going on in this world. Sadly, money talks, and our little crumbs are swept away to make room for the steaks.

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7 Replies to “Another Thought on Google’s Actions”

  1. A couple of misconceptions here Calvin:

    PR 0 doesn’t mean your content is useless, there are over 200 different ways Google ranks where your site appears in search engine results, it means your links are useless and untrustworthy. They are that because they may be advertising links.

    Secondly, algorithms are never perfect and sometimes it does take a human to step in. Not forgetting, the algorithm is always changing anyway, another job for a human.

    Finally, Gamespy, Amazon and other commercial sites are ranked so high because that commercial content is what you are looking for. No-one is searching to find the advertising links on your site, but if you searched for a CD to buy and Amazon and no other online retailers appeared in the results you would be a bit lost.

    Can everyone stop ranting about Google now, please?

  2. well… you are correct Phil, and its true that we should stop ranting about this. But it does rankle. PPP was a just a fun and easy way to make a few bucks, but well, guess it’s time to move on. But we have always tried to keep the posts relevant and there has been no attempt (at least on my blog) to “disguise” the paid links… yeah, I know, I know… move on…

  3. I think people need to stop trying to figure out the formulas and who’s got a better page rank that so-and-so. It’s time to start reading content for the love of reading and participating on sites that you feel are relevant in spite of what google formulas are telling you.

  4. Nice post Calvin. It hurts to be hit by something you can’t see. Like being punched by an invisible cloud. Keep on writing the good stuff.

  5. well, the fact is that page rank is not the be all and end all of the Internet world. It was just a frustrating incident. My traffic continues to grow slowly and steadily. But the only thing that is gone is my little side income that paid for my hosting fees and other tid-bits. Like I said, it’s not end of the world, it’s just damn irritating to be bullied so senselessly.

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