Over-Powered Power Point

Presentations are really interesting. Or rather, frustrating, if you are the one creating it for someone else. As an employee, whether you are a lowly executive or a high powered manager, you would have had the dubious honour of being asked by some higher-ups to produce a Powerpoint deck.

Despite all the millions spent by corporations to train their executives in “effective” presentation skills, something seems to have slipped through the cracks. They say that public speaking ranks as one of the greatest fears of all times. Yes, right up there ahead of fear of falling, fear of getting fat and fear of getting whatever.

I guess that this must be the reason why executives seem to feel the need for POWERpoint. They would tend to load their slides with loads of information. No, not text. We are a progressive company. We communicate via images. Text, graphics, animations, videos and so on. It becomes a crutch on which to lean on. With so much on the slides, the audience is so busy reading it, they might ignore the foibles of the presenter, right?

Don’t you miss the good old days when a presenter walks on stage and the only prop he had was a smile and a spiffy tie? OK, I am too young to have seen those days, but you get the picture.

Can some one please remember to tell all the trainers to tell all the executives that a PowerPoint slide deck is a Presentation Aid. Most presentations nowadays no longer require the presenter. It is so loaded with stuff, why bother to listen to what the presenter is saying?

Don’t you just miss Steve Jobs?

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