facebook still relevant

Is Facebook still relevant in 2013?

facebook still relevant
Is Facebook Still Relevant?
Personally, I am not big on Facebook. But without a doubt, Facebook has been a major force in the marketing arena, but is it still relevant today?

Often, this question is prompted by people looking at the stagnating numbers and the stock market performance of Facebook. That is really missing the whole point of the question. The relevance of Facebook should be tied to the subject matter of your question.

Are you asking if Facebook is relevant to your target audience? Or were you distracted by all the rhetoric surrounding its share price?

With 1.1 billion people on Facebook, do you really dare to say that Facebook is no longer relevant?

The key is to have an understanding of the medium. Managing media is a skill and an art. It is a job for professionals who know what they are doing. This principle has been applied in the areas of print marketing, radio, TV and direct marketing. At this stage of online development, it is foolish to believe that you can leave your social marketing to that young person in your marketing team who has 10,000 “likes” on his Kooky Holiday page. Really.

Any one who is willing to employ professional resources with the know-how and experience to manage the company’s online presence in general and its social media strategy in particular, will find that Facebook is as relevant as ever; if not more so.

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