How to Really Irritate your Marketing Agency

Everyone, whether large corporations or small establishments, work with a marketing agency at some point. Now, some people treat their marketing agency like an advertising agency, while others think that their advertising agency is a marketing agency. Whether you think they are different or the same, well, that is not the matter of discussion today. Today, we want to teach you how to really, really irritate the heck out of your marketing agency.

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Cost Effective Events Management

Running events has always been a key marketing activity for many companies. But they are expensive and time consuming. Here are some tips that will result in cost savings and maybe some new ideas.

There are many different types of events. They could be as simple as a tea party for 10 of your best customers to elaborate, international exhibitions and shows. However, there are several key elements that are present in almost all event management scenarios. Two of the most obvious would be the Venue and the Program. Unfortunately, many marketing managers fail to see these as important elements.

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Interesting Idea for Event and Product Launches!

Most of us would have attended numerous corporate events, product launches and press conferences. Most of the time, it is with the feeling of “same old, same old” when we go for such events.

It is always the challenge for marketers to find new and interesting way to keep the jaded crowd happy. We all need interesting hooks to make the event more memorable. Rather than “Oh, yeah, I think I attended Product X launch” or “Press conference? I think I was there.”

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