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I hate “leverage on”

This is a rant on “leverage on”. I really don’t know how many times people need to be told that leverage is leverage.

You can use your position as leverage to gain something, you don’t need to leverage on it.

You can use your money as leverage, you don’t leverage on your money.

We can leverage each other’s strengths, but please, don’t get ON me!

What’s with all the leverage “on”?

Oh, by the way, “leverage” was never meant to be used as a verb…

Is it just me or am I just being too picky?

Small Business Startup – Hostgator Coupon

For many small business startups, cost savings are important. So, I would like to share with you this Hostgator coupon in case you are considering getting a web hosting plan.

In case you did not know, this blog is hosted on Hostgator and I have been really happy with the service. The best thing that I liked was the responsiveness of the online chat help. Anytime you click on it, someone is bound to be on to speak with you. Without a big IT department and highly qualified staff, this is a really good option for me to manage my hosting.

Anyway, for the New Year, they sent a coupon code that would give you a 20% discount. Hope this will be useful for you: hgnews12. When you sign up for your Hostgator hosting account, type in this code to get the discount.

Here’s wishing everyone a very happy new year, may 2010 bring you close to your dreams.