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Why Cars Don’t Stay in Their Lanes?

holes in linesAre you frustrated by all those drivers who cannot seem to keep within their own lanes while driving?

Do you wonder how they ever got their driver’s license?

Well, the mystery has been solved by a 6-year-old.

According to my nephew, Joshua, the reason is very simple. It is not the fault of the drivers. He says “It’s not a continuous line, the lines have holes in them.”

Small Business Insights – Dangerous as running with the bulls

This is just a short post because I just read a really nice post over at Yvonne’s blog titled “You Can Get Hurt Running With The Bulls – No Kidding“. Of course, the title had something to do with the small business person, and of course, it was good advise; and most certainly, it was not boring to read!

Most small businesses run with no regard to contingency plans, safety margins and heck, some don’t even have a business plan. Actually, I am one of those really guilty party here…

Blog Snobs R Us?

Angela did a really nice one on Blog Snobs – what are they and a little bit of rant about it.

But I am sad to say that I have discovered the extent of my shallow-ness. Despite such great content and fantastic comments, the thing I liked best about that post was the cute picture. So, un-ashamedly, here it is again in all its vulgar glory!

hilarious kiss my ass image

Now, whoever said that a picture paints a thousand words was lying. This one only painted three words.

Off Topic – Echoes through your life…

The other day, my son was telling us a joke about “wives”. Which was funny enough in and of itself, since of course, me and my wife were married, he was not. But anyway, there he was, talking about how you need to have two tongues to be a mommy because you had to yak, yak, yak…

Suddenly, he stopped and made a very astute observation about married life, “Oh, and you have to live with that for the rest of your life.”

So I told him, he was wrong. Women did not need two tongues to yak yak yak. They just need to say it once, and it echoes for the rest of your life. In yet another stroke of incredible insight, he blurted, “I do!”

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Tips to make other bloggers hate you – ONE KILLER TIP!

BEWARE! Poor attempt at humor ahead. Scary post follows.

Yvonne over at her blog has written some really good tips on how to use comments to make other bloggers hate you.

While I would agree with her tactics (and I must say, I enjoy them myself!), I do feel that such tactics are a little too passive. I mean, you go around making a pest of yourself, which of course, is loads of fun; and you expect others to hate you? I mean, they just delete your comments. Or use automated comment-deleting-thingies to help them. They might not even know you exist.

I have ONE KILLER TIP for you that will be sure to make other bloggers hate you. Here is the tip:


There you have it. Spread the hate around. But like all good campaigns, it must start with yourself. Start by imagining the most horrible thing you can imagine. Then, using your focus, direct it at one oh-too-sweet-blogger. Feed it. Feed it till it boils over. Then move on to the next. I tell you, in time to come, your aura of hate will become so huge, everyone will automatically hate you! Go leave hateful comments. But because you really hate, they will FEEL IT. Go flame someone. And because you really hate… well, you know the drill. Nothing drives traffic like genuine hate. I mean, drive traffic away from you, not to you. Duh!

HEALTH WARNING: harbouring too much hate has been known to cause humans to self-destruct.

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