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Off Topic – No Student-Teacher messaging allowed…

Nothing to do with marketing here. Just another demonstration of how “top management” can make sweeping decisions about things they barely understand. But more importantly, it demonstrates the sad state of affairs that our society in general, and the education system in particular; have fallen to.

The whole idea here is to “save” the students from becoming prey to teachers who might be criminals. Whatever it is, certain suppositions are disturbing:

– parents don’t know/care what their kids are doing
– teachers are not supposed to be friends with the students

The Lamar County school board approved “… a new school district policy in southern Mississippi prohibits teachers from texting or communicating with students through Internet social network sites such as MySpace

I guess we will all feel safe if teachers hate the students, students hate the teachers, and everyone scores straight A’s because there is an excellent teaching methodology in place. Yeah, right.

Shameless Plug – Go see my friend’s new webby

OK, this is a shameless plug for all of you to go take a look at my friend’s new web site. I encouraged him to try for a niche, and of course, he picked a really strange one…

Anyway, enough about me. Go take a look at

It would be an education for me reading that site since I am not too familiar with that topic. hacked and hijacked!

What is the world coming to? Someone just stole David Airey’s url. Can you imagine that? Now, if you go to, you see a “parking” page rather than his highly popular blog!

David has moved his stuff over to a new url:

Somehow, the hacker managed to contact David’s domain reseller and got the url switched. He got into David’s Gmail too! Well, this sort of highlights one of the dangers of using free webmail services to run important things like your business dealings.

It would be interesting to see how Google will deal with this or will they simply blame it on the end user’s “weak” password? It would also be good to follow this and see how the authorities are going to deal with this domain theft.

David is known to many of us (online) and we share his ire at this. What a way to celebrate Christmas.