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I got Tagged Again!?

Aarrgghh! Angela tagged me! Now I have to think of 5 things….

5 things in my refrigerator:

1. Hershey’s kisses
2. Mars Bar
3. Coke
4. Ben&Jerry’s Magic Brownie
5. Eggs

OK, OK, it’s food, ok?

5 things in my closet:

1. My favourite Laker’s T-shirt (it’s really old!)
2. My leather jacket from a huge sale in ‘frisco
3. My underwear (yes, I do…)
4. My socks
5. My collection of handphone boxes (don’t ask…)

5 things in my purse or backpack:

1. USB thumb drive
2. 3.5″ Floppy Disk (I doubt if it’s still working)
3. Multi-purpose, Swiss-Army-Knife Wannabe
4. Paper, notes (I have no idea what about…)
5. Empty plastic bag

Well, you asked, and I dugged.

5 things in my vehicle:

1. Dirt on the floor
2. Dust on my dashboard
3. All kinds of license, permits and such
4. 7 packets of tissue paper
5. Old pair of spectacles

5 things in the world I want to see before I die:

1. A good-looking me in the mirror
2. Hawaii, or more precisely, a beautiful resort in Hawaii
3. Poole in South England
4. Florida, actually, Disneyland
5. My witty, well-written, and comprehensive will to split the $5 I have left

5 people I’m going to tag to participate in the 5 things meme:

1., Build Wealth Through Smart Marketing
2., Graphic Designer
3., Live the Great Life you desire
4., Charles’s Chronicles
5., Slow Leadership

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