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Is Twitter Over-rated?

I wonder about this all the time. Is Twitter over rated or am I just uninformed?

Of course I have a Twitter. Sometimes, I Twit a little too. I might be wrong, some call it Tweet. So far as I know, the sun still rises from the East, I still love chocolates and it still makes me fat.

What then is the purpose of Twitter?

Just like any tool, there are a lot of mis-use and abuse of Twitter. Some people think that just because you have a Twitter account, that makes you the guru of the new social web. Then there is all that spam.

Others think that they can use all these social networks to sell lots of stuff and become millionaires. Yeah, right. I am not a Twitter guru or a professional Twitterer. So, I am going to follow with great curiosity the outcome of my friend Vivienne’s foray into the world of Twitter. You can read about it from her post “Learn Twitter Secrets From A Twitter Pro

I am not a nay-sayer. I just have a healthy skeptism. But f she does well, I am going to try it too! :)