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World Internet Mega Summit Singapore 2007 – Day 4

UPDATE on the US$100,000 project to feed 1 million children:

Today was the final day, at least as far as the Internet Challenge went. However, the efforts to raise funds for the children of the world continues. So, for those who missed it, you can STILL give. Stephen Pierce came out to announce that the target was met, and exceeded! At the cut-off time, it was US$100,330.00. For all of you who have given, THANK YOU. For those who have not yet had the chance, click on the banner below.

Mark Joyner came on today with a brilliant follow-up to his talk from the first day. One of the most precious statements from his talk today was simply this, “If a THIEF is seen with your idea, he is deemed to be first.” Basically, he stated that SPEED was the only true protection an Internet Marketer had. Mark’s talk was brilliant. You weren’t there. You missed it. I am going to attempt to summarise some of the more important stuff. Wait for it.

Mike Filsaime gave so much in his presentation, his one talk alone would have been worth the entire cost of the World Internet Summit! He actually explained his entire Butterfly Marketing concept AND gave examples to show how it worked. I almost wanted to run out of there immediately after to come back to try it! He talked about the Proper Marketing Focus, Knowing Your Metrics, Setting up your Marketing Funnel and so much more.

John Childers is all about speaking. But this time around, he shared his thoughts on what he believed to be THE most profitable skill of all. In his opinion, backed by some big, big numbers; speaking was it. Whether it was in person or through a tele-seminar, a speaker, he enthused, could earn so much from doing just that – talking. I almost signed up for his $30,000 course. I will never know, till the day I die, why I did not do it.

Jay Abraham closed off, not just the day, but the entire Summit. His “simple” talk filled up almost 6 pages of notes for me. I have no idea how to summarise this in a few words! He gave everyone a free-to-use model of “affirmations”. These have been proven to increase sign ups. He gave a live, on-the-spot walk through of how he would launch an eBook. And I tell you, it was nothing like what anyone has ever imagined!

Ewen Chia, the king of affiliate marketing, was crowned the Best Presenter for the entire Summit.

Overall, I am glad to have made the time to attend this World Internet Mega Summit Singapore 2007. A friend of mine who attended the previous one assured me, that THIS time around, the Summit delivered much, much more than before. Personally, I have learnt  so much, and that is even before any of the in-depth courses conducted by each of the speakers. I can only imagine what value those who signed up for the courses will be taking back with them!

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World Internet Mega Summit Singapore 2007 – Day 3

UPDATE on the US$100,000 project to feed 1 million children:

This morning, Stephen Pierce gave an update on this grand initiative. As of this morning, the tally stood at US$62,000. This gives us barely 24 hours to hit the remaining US$38,000. Spread the word!

Brett McFall gave a startling insight into improving your sales copy – look at other sites with GOOD sales copy! His presentation was energetic and full of wisdom that could only have come from real live experience in the trenches. He shared his B.U.R.P.I.E.S formula for writing good sales copy, then, of course plugged his software! Good deal.

Ewen Chia received an extremely warm welcome as the local hero of the Internet scene. But there was no hype as he presented 8 of his students who had signed up for his course and produced results almost from the get-go. But I think the thing that struck me most from among his many gems was this, “No one is born with a laptop on their laps.” Yes, we all gotta work for it.

Stephen Pierce took the final slot and right away, came up with a super quote! “The future is not an optional event, everyone is going to be there.” How true. He was talking about what we needed to do, the decisions we needed to make in order to take responsibility for our own future. He was a sincere and inspiring speaker.

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World Internet Mega Summit Singapore 2007 – Day 2

UPDATE on the US$100,000 project to feed 1 million children:

Yesterday, we started the website at around 8pm. This morning, at 9.30am, Stephen Pierce came on-stage and gave everyone an update. He highlighted that not everyone of the partnes have “turned on” yet due to the time difference. But as of this morning, the funds raised now stand at: US$31,800

Day 2 at the Mega Summit was just as exciting, if not more so than the first day. Instead of just coming on-stage and say “thirty-thousand dollars raised…” Stephen Pierce took some time to explain some of the key concepts behind what they were doing to make this happen. He again emphasized the importance of good relationships for a successful Internet business.

Armand Morin at World Internet Summit 2007Armand Morin was an impressive speaker. I remember this most of all: “You should be a Rhino!” What he meant was we should CHARGE! forward, have a thick skin and a sense of purpose (going ahead). But the most impressive was his demonstration of creating and entire online product for sales right before our eyes! Right there, he did a quick research, picked a public domain book, found a ready eCover design for it, got the author bio, plus a book summary and had it all done right there. Incredible. Understandably, he was swamped the entire day by eager “students”.

David Cavanagh gave a very good segment covering the basics with his “Getting Started on the Internet” talk. It was for the total beginner, but he had a little gem of a tip when it came to launching a new product. He pointed out that eBay’s PowerSellers will have a huge list of customers. Tapping into that could be one of the fastest way to get a qualified list. Interesting.

Rushing For Tom Hua PackageTom Hua was his usual brilliant self today. His talk focused on traffic generation, a key element in any Internet strategy. In fact, he emphasized that it was the life-blood, the very blood stream of an Internet business. He spoke about Search Engines, Joint Ventures and Viral Traffic generation techniques. After his segment, the tables were packed with eager sign-uppers…

I am eagerly anticipating tomorrow’s sessions. Who knows, we might see the US$100,000 mark exceeded by then!

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For A Greater Cause – Feed 1 million Starving Children

If you have ever been hungry, if you have ever seen a child lost in the mall, if you have a heart for children; take a look at this: For A Greater Cause

Run as a “challenge” at the World Internet Mega Summit Singapore 2007, Stephen Pierce said it the best. “I have matured. I no longer feel I need to prove anything. But this is different… ”

 While we all strive towards our own goals, let us not forget to stop to smell the roses. In this case, let’s share a little of what we have. You can make a difference. Forget the challenge. Forget who gets rich when. Do this and put a smile on your face, and the deep gratitude of a child somewhere out there.  For A Greater Cause

World Internet Mega Summit Singapore 2007 – Day 1

The World Internet Mega Summit Singapore 2007 kicked off today. I was prepared to learn lots of stuff there, but instead, I was actually impressed by some of the things I learned today!

Just to share one or two things from 3 of the speakers today:

Tom Hua

Today, I heard one of the most logical and truthful statements in answer to the age-old question as to why they would want to actually teach others how to be successful on the Internet.  I would like to summarise and paraphrase what he said.

The Internet is above all, about INFORMATION. No single person knows everything and everyone has something to contribute. By bringing more people in, there will be more information products available which will in turn expand the overall market for everyone. The Internet today is already big enough to accommodate more people, and it is still growing.

Stephen Pierce

I think he said something today that really echoes what must be in the hearts of many of today’s Internet professionals: (again, I summarize and paraphrase)

He said that he is earning good money today. He has matured to a point where he no longer feels the need to prove anything to anyone.

I believe, the only reason anyone bothers to “prove” anything is just for our own good. It is for all those “newbie” Internet people like me who are still unsure. And I tell you, with the doubts and fears in me, I can use every ounce of “proof” I can get hold off!

Mark Joyner

Mark Joyner made a very interesting point today. He said “All rules are transient”. Rules are only as good as the context in which they were made. He gave some examples, one of which was of the mighty shark, once out of the water, can be bested easily. The Internet is also changing and some of the rules that  used to work no longer works. In a nutshell, he said that those who work for their own good will not be rewarded, while those who work for the good of the group will be rewarded.

Frankly, to summarise the rich and deep stuff I heard today would take a little doing. But I thought that a quick attempt would be good for those who did not make it to the event today.

I will try to summarise each day for the next few days.  Then after it all, let’s see what we can come up with.

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