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I hate “leverage on”

This is a rant on “leverage on”. I really don’t know how many times people need to be told that leverage is leverage.

You can use your position as leverage to gain something, you don’t need to leverage on it.

You can use your money as leverage, you don’t leverage on your money.

We can leverage each other’s strengths, but please, don’t get ON me!

What’s with all the leverage “on”?

Oh, by the way, “leverage” was never meant to be used as a verb…

Is it just me or am I just being too picky?

Off-Topic: for those who love writing

This is not about marketing. I have started, out of personal interest, a simple site for those who are interested in writing fiction or just writing anything, to contribute to. The site is, sort of like your own little space to carve out your own little story.

It is mostly empty now, but if you drop in, do sign up and also contribute some of your own writings. Any ideas or suggestions to make the site better would of course be most welcome.

How to Start a Freelance Writing Business

How much do you want to have a freelance writing business?

Do you know how tough it can get along the way?

Laura has taken her many years of experience and put them all into a wonderful eBook. Now, you can have a mentor and a guide who will take you through the process of starting your own freelance writing business. Not only that, but all the valuable experience and knowledge that has taken her years to learn, is all yours within hours [reading]. So, do go take a look at Laura’s How To Start A Freelance Writing Business immediately!

Copywriting – diet pills…

I just found this really interesting site that talks about diet pills and nothing but diet pills.

Anyone who is interested in COPYWRITING should really take a look at this site. OK, if you are looking for a slimmer you, you can go too. Duh.

The site is fascinating for me because you have a page that contains a short write up of ten different diet pills. Yet, each is written with the following key points:

1. Each first line is a unique selling proposition
2. There is a statement of fact and a promise (mostly)
3. Each short write up contains all the salient points that you need to know including the invitation to purchase
4. There are clear links where you can get more information (does not apply to offline copywriting, critical for online copywriting)

I subscribe to the adage that we never stop learning. And this is really a nice learning experience.

Mission Imposible – The Missing Marketing Brief

Once upon a time, in a board room not far away, the Council met.

“You know what we want,” said the Head. “Deliver for us a creative of such excellence, none who view it can resist The Product.”

It was a daunting task. A task that would challenge the mettle of The Best. But it was not impossible. Properly targeted, armed with information, demographics, statistics and other magical tools; knowing the Final Objectives, The Product shall thrive.

“Indeed, we will!” the Leader of The Best proclaimed confidently. “Now tell us more.”

“There is nothing more to tell. You are The Best. You have the Knowing. Speak no more and go Create.” And so speaking, the Head turn and walked from the room.

For one brief horrifying moment, the Leader realised, finally, he has met the Mission Impossible.