If you need more “law of design”, then read this…

It is still going on. The meme that Marc Rapp started on the Laws of design has garnered quite a collection of very good posts. So, for those who do not wish to go gallivanting from blog to excellent blog trying to follow the thread of excellence, here is a list which I lifted from Paul Enderson:

Marc Rapp @ Uniquely the Epitome : It’s the Law (at least for today)
Aaron @ miLienzo : What are the laws of design?
DT @ Design Sojurn : What are your Design Laws?
Jon Reil @ Another Day in Design : Ten Ways to Become a Better Designer
Mirko Humbert @ Designer Daily : Getting Rid of the Noise
David Airey : How Important are Laws of Design?
Asgeir Hoem : Laws & Principles of Design
Michael Surtees @ DesignNotes : Guidelines for Moi
Vivienne Quek @ Versa Creations : Are There Rules for the Creative Folks?
Paul Enderson : The Laws of Interface Design

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