Safe liposuction for me, please?

I would like to protest a discrimination. You see, every time I see an advertisement on dieting or liposuction, they always seem to speak only to the women.

Liposuction is for me! I mean, I have a spare tire around my middle that is interfering with my tying of shoe laces, if you get my drift. So, why am I excluded from the communications?

Like this company that is advertising its superior liposuction procedure, the MYA clinic, they address only the women. What about poor old me? I too would like to know about procedures that are safe. I too would like to know about the most effective procedure for me. I mean, I hate exercising and I love food; and to top it all, I like to look good. Does that not make me the ideal customer?

So, rather than me walking blindly into any clinic and getting swindled or worse, damaged by supposed doctors and slimming technicians who know nothing, I would really like to know when there is a good, reputable clinic around that provides great slimming services.

Here is a message for all slimming clinics – talk to us! We are sometimes shy to walk into a slimming joint because all the posters and images seem to tell us that we, the guys, are not supposed to be there. How about that? A ready, willing (desperate even) customer who is actually given a message that this is not the place for him. So sad.

Remember, guys want to look good too!

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  1. Thanks Vivienne. Nice post you wrote. I guess when it comes to business, everyone wants to maximise profits and minimise cost. No worries, I will wear a thick skin and just walk into any slimming saloon and hope that I do not hear screams, or worse, police sirens…

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