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One of the biggest challenges in publicity marekting, is simply getting the news to travel.

But I just read Glenda’s post on “9 Ways to Use Social Media to Campaign for Votes” which really hit it right on the head when it comes to getting the word out. Her nine tips are practical and really easy to do. But most importantly, I feel that they are also effective.

Leveraging off social networks is probably one of the smartest way to promote yourself or your business. There is only one thing more powerful than the 9 o’clock news – Susie’s gossip. If you doubt this, then consider that there are times when you know nothing about the big news about the new community center getting built in your neighbourhood; yet, Susie seeing your neighbour buying a diamond studded collar for his dog is known by one and all.

Social networks have been a powerful force throughout civilization. Now, with the Internet, it has become even more formidable. Question is, do you know how to harness its power?

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  1. Interesting post! I read Glenda’s article too. I have to confess that I still feel overwhelmed with the huge number of social media networks that are out there. I wonder if the number of networks will continue to increase, or if the smaller ones will drop off leaving only one or two big ones?

  2. Thanks for sharing.

    I have also been thining about all the various social media networks, and if I should only concentrate on a few big ones or use as many as possible. At the moment, I am focusing on Digg, StumbleUpon, Sphinn and Reddit (well, I am using Facebook as well, but so far without any links to my blog and business).

  3. Laura- I believe that the IRRELEVANT ones will drop off. As in all things social, size does not matter. Small minority communities have thrived for centuries. No, I don’t think the small ones will disappear. I think the irrelevant ones will.

    Jens, the whole point in social networking is to become a part of the “society”. I absolutely agree with your strategy to focus on only a few that are relevant to you. Most importantly, you must enjoy being a part of the network. Sharing links is a natural extension of your interaction, NOT a cynical, business-like propagation of your business. If you can achieve that, then your presence in the network strengthens it. If you are merely selling, then you are weakening it. Does this make sense? :)

  4. Thanks for the mention, Calvin. I have learned a few important lessons about social networking since competing in Blog for a Year; most importantly, results aren’t instant, and it is very easy to acquire “technologically induced ADHD” if you do too much social networking. I’d love to see a strategy on how we can effectively use and integrate these tools without them becoming great time and focus eaters.

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