Help for Addicts – Stop Your Addiction

I really wanted to stop writing for the night. But when I saw this, I had to postpone sleep just a little longer. This new web site, for drug rehab just had to be made known. They are promoting a new 28-day drug treatment program.

Drug addiction is one of the most painful experiences anyone can go through. Add to that the pain and suffering of family, friends and loved ones; and you have a really sad situation. But there is hope. As long as you want to have a better life, there is always hope.

If nothing else, go visit this site or if you know of anyone who might need help, recommend that they take a look at this site.

This is a sponsored post. But I really believe in this message. There is always hope.

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The Wonder Years…

Once in a while, we get to reminiscing. Most of the time, it should bring a small smile, and sometimes, maybe a tear to our eye. So, well, I could not resist posting this… it has absolutely nothing to do with marketing. So there!

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This is one cool mom…

When I started to blog, I wanted to share some fun marketing ideas, maybe get a few laughs. But as I worked towards writing more articles, I also found many interesting people with interesting blogs online. One of the interesting blogs that I came acros was

Quite frankly, I cannot recall exactly how I came by this blog. I think it was because of the very exciting Technorati Top 100 Favorite Exchange Experiment that I was participating in. Whatever it was that first brought me to Eliza’s blog, I found it fascinating enough to visit it a few more times. For me, I like to read. But not the heavy, serious stuff; and so, I found Eliza’s writing quite refreshing. Of course, her promise to post up a whole bunch of contests did not entice me at all! *grin*

She covers a wide range of topics on her blog. A little bit of internet marketing, a little bit of miscellaneous thoughts, a lot about her kids, and of course, her links to online contests. While it may be true that good content is what keeps many people coming back to Elisa’s Thoughts, but for me, it is more the refreshing, light-hearted style that is appealing.

(This is a sponsored post)

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Sponsored: Poker Table? Conference Table!

If all of life is a game, what role do you play? Here is a really interesting idea for those of you who are daring enough to try!

Get a cool-looking poker table for your conference room!Cool Poker Table

Here is my idea. Work hard, play hard. When you decide to kick back and relax with your team, a friendly round of poker should do just fine. Wouldn’t it be a great to have it right there? It will also be a conversation piece with your clients and business partners! Just be sure that fun and daring are part of your corporate culture.

But for those serious players, get one for your den. Afterall, its way better than trying to cramp everyone around your coffee table. Get one like the one shown here, covered with “casino grade” felt, padded sides, and coffee cup holders so you can have it all! I picked this off the best-seller list from but I saw a few other really nifty ones. I think they have the largest selection of quality poke tables around! My dream table just happens to be the solid birch wood Expandable Texas Hold’em Poker Table + 4 Chairs, but at more than $2K, it will have to remain a dream for now. Yes, even with the free shipping.

A poker table for your conference table?

A New, Great Reason to take Photos! A Digital Photo Frame!

Many of you who have followed the growth of photography has envied Kodak for dominating the scene and Polaroid its brief flash of brilliance. But photography today is far from dead. With the quality and cost of digital digital cameras becoming so much more compelling, even more photos are taken today than ever before!

Marketers take note! Here is an example of a product marketing innovation which I found to be really clever! Its a Digital Photo Frame! Why do I think this is clever? It is not a new “invention” but rather, employs an LCD panel, an SD memory card, and a remote control to create a digital photo frame. Each digital frame looks like a normal photo. The difference is, being a digital picture frame, you can actually save all your digital photos and show them off.

Here’s a picture of the digital photo frame which I ripped from their site:

Digital Photo FrameThe days when your homes are cluttered with endless books of dusty photo albums are over! Let these digital photo frames rule your homes!

They look like real photo frames, and you can now show off your photos in a slide show even! They even have photo frames in different sizes. For me, this is the way to go. I think it’s the remote control that sold me!

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Sportsmanship seems to be as much a relic of the past as Noah’s Ark.

Even at high profile events in traditionally very “sporting” sports you can see the deterioration  of sportsmanship. From the 2006 World Cup “insult” of French captain Zidane by Italian Materrazi to the Cristianno’s baiting of his team-mate Wayne Rooney; it is obvious that even at the so-called “professional” level, things are no longer like they were.

Now, you have coaches being killed when a team loses a match. Poor Bob Woolmer. Whatever the reasons for the loss, can anyone seriously believe death as a fair return? Worse yet, what if it was about other darker secrets?

The pure joy of a match well played seems to be no longer enough for today’s jaded society.  It is sad.