The True Genius of Albert Einstein

Everyone knows how much of a Genius that Albert Einstein was. Mostly, that has been confined to the sciences. However, little is know about his tremendous talents in Futurelogy and Social Engineering.

While many have put forward their theories, extensions and postulations about the famous E equals MC-Squared (e=MC2), there is a deeper secret behind this. I am about to reveal to you the truth about e=MC2 that will change your perception of Einsten forever! No longer will he be that aloof scientific geek, but you will see him as the enlightened social engineer and a perceptive and talented futurist.

You see, way before his time, Einstein had come to the conclusion that


Earnings are derived from Daddy x Earning. As Daddy = 1 hence E.

Mommy’s Credit Card is derived from the multiplication of mommy by the amount of credit card debt

In days gone by, it was possible for a man to have 2 or 3 wives, or even a harem. In today’s modern world, that is no longer an option (by law) in many countries. Hence, if Mommy = 1, the new formula therefore becomes:


Unfortunately, there is a flaw in the formula that is inherent in its structure. As E tends to zero, Credit Card debt usually do not follow. That is why, in today’s context, the new winning formula will require a constant as Mommy will always need her manicure, gourmet coffee, designer suits and of course, colored contact lenses. I therefore propose that this famous formula will need to be changed to accomodate modern times and be henceforth known to be:

e=M + C2

There you have it. The modern definition of how we poor sods trudge through life, ever at the mercy of our credit card till we die.

NOTE: Please do not confuse this post with other serious blogs about Credit Cards by people like Suhaila! :)

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New Gack Ink BYOB Network Members…

Gack Ink BYOB NetworkIt  is a really strange feeling to be joining my first network. But its a good feeling. I guess part of it is because this network is made up of a select number of well written blogs. Which sort of makes me feel, well, blushy I guess.

Looks like the new memberships have been determined: Thank you for accepting me. Since I am so new to all of this, I have no idea what happens next. However, I guess its just a matter of “keep on blogging” and to keep the standard of writing up. Which probably means that I will have to stop using words like “blushy”….

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