Marketing is so fun….

Marketing is always a fun activity. From time immemorable, humans have been engaged in this activity. Of course, in the days of the snake-oil salesmen, marketing was not as sophisticated and the only way “real” doctors differentiated themselves from these were their immaculate dressing and a proper office instead of a wagon!

Still, if you think about it, its Marketing 101 in all its bare glory. Find the key point of weakness in the competitor and address it. Positioning yourself as a well educated (vs the uneducated), as a stable and committed member of the community (vs the rolling wagon), and clean cut, respectable person (vs the travel stained unwashed) and there you have it. Differentiation, positioning and customer relationship management; all present in the good ole Wild Wild West!

Now for those who think marketing is hard work, well… work on! For the rest, enjoy!

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