World Internet Mega Summit Singapore 2007 – Day 4

UPDATE on the US$100,000 project to feed 1 million children:

Today was the final day, at least as far as the Internet Challenge went. However, the efforts to raise funds for the children of the world continues. So, for those who missed it, you can STILL give. Stephen Pierce came out to announce that the target was met, and exceeded! At the cut-off time, it was US$100,330.00. For all of you who have given, THANK YOU. For those who have not yet had the chance, click on the banner below.

Mark Joyner came on today with a brilliant follow-up to his talk from the first day. One of the most precious statements from his talk today was simply this, “If a THIEF is seen with your idea, he is deemed to be first.” Basically, he stated that SPEED was the only true protection an Internet Marketer had. Mark’s talk was brilliant. You weren’t there. You missed it. I am going to attempt to summarise some of the more important stuff. Wait for it.

Mike Filsaime gave so much in his presentation, his one talk alone would have been worth the entire cost of the World Internet Summit! He actually explained his entire Butterfly Marketing concept AND gave examples to show how it worked. I almost wanted to run out of there immediately after to come back to try it! He talked about the Proper Marketing Focus, Knowing Your Metrics, Setting up your Marketing Funnel and so much more.

John Childers is all about speaking. But this time around, he shared his thoughts on what he believed to be THE most profitable skill of all. In his opinion, backed by some big, big numbers; speaking was it. Whether it was in person or through a tele-seminar, a speaker, he enthused, could earn so much from doing just that – talking. I almost signed up for his $30,000 course. I will never know, till the day I die, why I did not do it.

Jay Abraham closed off, not just the day, but the entire Summit. His “simple” talk filled up almost 6 pages of notes for me. I have no idea how to summarise this in a few words! He gave everyone a free-to-use model of “affirmations”. These have been proven to increase sign ups. He gave a live, on-the-spot walk through of how he would launch an eBook. And I tell you, it was nothing like what anyone has ever imagined!

Ewen Chia, the king of affiliate marketing, was crowned the Best Presenter for the entire Summit.

Overall, I am glad to have made the time to attend this World Internet Mega Summit Singapore 2007. A friend of mine who attended the previous one assured me, that THIS time around, the Summit delivered much, much more than before. Personally, I have learnt  so much, and that is even before any of the in-depth courses conducted by each of the speakers. I can only imagine what value those who signed up for the courses will be taking back with them!

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  1. Hi calvin, I totally agree that this Internet world summit rocks! This was my first time attending and he told me this year’s event was much bigger and the speakers were much more high profile than the last event.

    Mike Filsaime was professional and the way he conducted his speech and his manner in telling you his mentorship course, he has the absolute confidence that whoever joins him will definitely earn money. His butterfly marketing explanation was an eye-opener, and felt that he open my mind to the term ‘marketing’ in a whole new way.

    As for John Childers, I did not really enjoy, his pitch was good but I just wasn’t tune to the idea of public speaking.

    And for Jay Abraham, I did not enjoy his opening speech on the first day but on the last day, I have the same thinking as you. It was breath-taking and the moment I stop paying attention to him, I just could not follow up. So the best thing I did was record the later parts of the interview.

    Did you decide to sign up for any mentorship courses? I sign up for Brett Mcfall’s 8 week program, trying to just follow just one mentor and get kick by him. (And his was the cheapest course I could afford and this is his first time mentoring.)

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